Refund Policy

  1. Satisfaction guarantee
    We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction guarantee for all products,If you are not satisfied with the purchased product,Just follow this policy to return,You can get a refund from CANVASBELT.To the maximum extent permitted by law,CANVASBELT reserves the right to refuse the return of incomplete or damaged goods.Sorry, we do not accept returns for custom belts or personalized clothing orders.

2.1 You are responsible for checking the product carefully when receiving it.If the product is damaged, you have the right to reject it.

2.2 We will not refuse to return the product just because you have opened the product packaging,However, you should comply with the return standards described below,This includes keeping and returning the opened packaging.

2.3 All refunds will be returned according to the original payment route.

2.4 You can apply for a refund unconditionally within 14 days after receiving the package.

2.5 Need help with returns? Please contact our online customer service.


Need help finding a new size, color or product?It is recommended that you place an order again to replace the product.Our inventory changes from time to time,Some sizes and colors may be sold out.

4.Return standard

Refund policy
4.1. Members enjoy 14-day unreasonable return service

4.2. If you receive the package more than 14 days and you want a refund, please submit an application, including pictures and text. If the reason is reasonable, we will refund you